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A description of library services provided to Northwestern Pritzker School of Law faculty.

Library Liaisons

Each full-time and visiting faculty member is assigned a library liaison—a reference librarian who will be their primary contact in the library. Each liaison librarian is responsible for ensuring that each faculty member is aware of the full range of services available through the law library and that the library is aware of each faculty member’s research needs and interests.

Though faculty members are encouraged to consider their liaison as their primary library contact, the program is not intended to limit faculty access to other librarians or staff. Faculty may, of course, approach anyone in the library for assistance.

Last updated June 10, 2024

Aggarwal, Dhruv Jesse Bowman 503-4356 L212
Allen, Ronald Tom Gaylord 503-4725 L263
Alter, Joshua Sarah Reis 503-4561 L211B
Alter, Karen Sarah Reis 503-4561 L211B
Altshuler, Adi Leah Whitesel 503-0316 L214
Arimond, Bridget Sarah Reis 503-4561 L211B
Barron, Esther Lisa Winkler 503-0252 L334
Barsa, Michael Amy Tomaszewski 503-0314 L266
Bedi, Sheila Lisa Winkler 503-0252 L334
Beller, Herbert Kristina DeGuzman 503-2277 L269
Berens, Maurine Clare Willis 503-0300 L213
Biehl, Julie Lisa Winkler 503-0252 L334
Black, Bernard Tom Gaylord 503-4725 L263
Brown, Janet Leah Whitesel 503-0316 L214
Brown, Sarah Clare Willis 503-0300 L213
Burns, Michael Amy Tomaszewski 503-0314 L266
Buth, Annalise Lisa Winkler 503-0252 L334
Calabresi, Steven Amy Tomaszewski 503-0314 L266
Carrel, Alyson Jesse Bowman 503-4356 L212
Clopton, Zachary Sarah Reis 503-4561 L211B
Cohn, Lynn Lisa Winkler 503-0252 L334
Dana, David Amy Tomaszewski 503-0314 L266
del Valle, Vanessa Lisa Winkler 503-0252 L334
Delaney, Erin Sarah Reis 503-4561 L211B
DeSanto, Jason Amy Tomaszewski 503-0314 L266
Diamond, Shari Tom Gaylord 503-4725 L263
DiCola, Peter Kristina DeGuzman 503-2277 L269
Didwania, Stephanie Tom Gaylord 503-4725 L263
Dodier, Grace Clare Willis 503-0300 L213
Drizin, Steven Lisa Winkler 503-0252 L334
Falkoff, Michelle Clare Willis 503-0300 L213
Flaum, Alison Lisa Winkler 503-0252 L334
Francis, Clinton Kristina DeGuzman 503-2277 L269
Franco, Alexandra Amy Tomaszewski 503-0314 L266
Frazier, Carolyn Kristina DeGuzman 503-2277 L269
Friedman, Ezra Amy Tomaszewski 503-0314 L266
Gandert, Daniel Jesse Bowman 503-4356 L212
Geller, Meredith Clare Willis 503-0300 L213
Glogower, Ari Jesse Bowman 503-4356 L212
Goonetilleke, Priyanka Amy Tomaszewski 503-0314 L266
Gowder, Paul Sarah Reis 503-4561 L211B
Grau Ruiz, María Amparo Jesse Bowman 503-4356 L212
Gray, Kimberly Kristina DeGuzman 503-2277 L269
Green, Darren Clare Willis 503-0300 L213
Hamilton, Danielle Lisa Winkler 503-0252 L334
Hartung, Andrea Lewis Lisa Winkler 503-0252 L334
Haymond, Monica Kristina DeGuzman 503-2277 L269
Hoeflich, Adam Amy Tomaszewski 503-0314 L266
Holman, Rebekah Clare Willis 503-0300 L213
Horwich, Allan Clare Willis 503-0300 L213
Hoskins, Richard Kristina DeGuzman 503-2277 L269
Ingelhart, Kara Lisa Winkler 503-0252 L334
Inglehart, Elizabeth Clare Willis 503-0300 L213
Jain, Neha Sarah Reis 503-4561 L211B
Jones, Joshua Lisa Winkler 503-0252 L334
Kadens, Emily Tom Gaylord 503-4725 L263
Kang, Michael Kristina DeGuzman 503-2277 L269
Kanter, Martha Clare Willis 503-0300 L213
Kitrosser, Heidi Kristina DeGuzman 503-2277 L269
Kleinfeld, Joshua Clare Willis 503-0300 L213
Koehler, Jonathan Kristina DeGuzman 503-2277 L269
Koppelman, Andrew Amy Tomaszewski 503-0314 L266
Kugler, Matthew Amy Tomaszewski 503-0314 L266
Lawsky, Sarah Jesse Bowman 503-4356 L212
Lee, Alex Kristina DeGuzman 503-2277 L269
Legrand, Pierre Sarah Reis 503-4561 L214
Libgober, Brian Kristina DeGuzman 503-2277 L269
Linna, Daniel Jesse Bowman 503-4356 L212
Litvak, Katherine Tom Gaylord 503-4725 L263
Llorente, Monica Jesse Bowman 503-4356 L212
Lupo, James Amy Tomaszewski 503-0314 L266
Lys, Thomas Kristina DeGuzman 503-2277 L269
Mahadev, Shobha Lisa Winkler 503-0252 L334
Markell, Bruce Jesse Bowman 503-4356 L212
McGinnis, John Clare Willis 503-0300 L213
McMasters, James Clare Willis 503-0300 L213
Mehrotra, Ajay Clare Willis 503-0300 L213
Mikva, Laurie Lisa Winkler 503-0252 L334
Morgan, Jamelia Clare Willis 503-0300 L213
Motaparthy, Priyanka Lisa Winkler 503-0252 L334
Muchman, Wendy Amy Tomaszewski 503-0314 L266
Mulaney, Ellen Jesse Bowman 503-4356 L212
Nadler, Janice Tom Gaylord 503-4725 L263
Narko, Kathleen Clare Willis 503-0300 L213
Nirider, Laura Lisa Winkler 503-0252 L334
Nzelibe, Jide Kristina DeGuzman 503-2277 L269
Nzelibe, Uzoamaka Lisa Winkler 503-0252 L334
O'Hare, John Sarah Reis 503-4561 L211B
Onyeador, Ivuoma Kristina DeGuzman 503-2277 L269
Osofsky, Hari Jesse Bowman 503-4356 L212
Oster, Leslie Sarah Reis 503-4561 L211B
Pencak, Paul Leah Whitesel 503-0316 L214
Pfander, James Amy Tomaszewski 503-0314 L266
Postlewaite, Philip Leah Whitesel 503-0316 L214
Rankin, Laura Clare Willis 503-0300 L213
Redish, Martin Amy Tomaszewski 503-0314 L266
Reed, Stephen Lisa Winkler 503-0252 L334
Riles, Annelise Tom Gaylord 503-4725 L263
Riskin, Leonard Jesse Bowman 503-4356 L212
Roberts, Joy Clare Willis 503-0300 L213
Rodriguez, Daniel Tom Gaylord 503-4725 L263
Rosenbaum, Judith Clare Willis 503-0300 L213
Rosenberg, Rebecca Leah Whitesel 503-0316 L214
Rountree, Meredith Kristina DeGuzman 503-2277 L269
Rozema, Kyle Kristina DeGuzman 503-2277 L269
Rubinowitz, Leonard Amy Tomaszewski 503-0314 L266
Schanzenbach, Max Jesse Bowman 503-4356 L212
Schwartz, David Tom Gaylord 503-4725 L263
Schwartz, Regina Clare Willis 503-0300 L213
Shah, Seema Tom Gaylord 503-4725 L263
Shoked, Nadav Jesse Bowman 503-4356 L212
Silbernagel, Brian Clare Willis 503-0300 L213
Sirota, Eric Lisa Winkler 503-0252 L334
Sorenson, Juliet Lisa Winkler 503-0252 L334
Speta, James Tom Gaylord 503-4725 L263
Spies Roth, Susan Leah Whitesel 503-0316 L214
Spulber, Daniel Clare Willis 503-0300 L213
Swygert, Greg Lisa Winkler 503-0252 L334
Talati Paquette, Erin Tom Gaylord 503-4725 L263
Tenenbaum, J. Samuel Lisa Winkler 503-0252 L334
Thornton, John Clare Willis 503-0300 L213
Tiller, Emerson Jesse Bowman 503-4356 L212
Tilley, Helen Amy Tomaszewski 503-0314 L266
Tokic, Genevieve Leah Whitesel 503-0316 L214
Tuerkheimer, Deborah Tom Gaylord 503-4725 L263
Van Brunt, Alexa Lisa Winkler 503-0252 L334
Walker Sterling, Robin Lisa Winkler 503-0252 L334
Wang-Grimm, Jessie Clare Willis 503-0300 L213
Weinstock, Robert Lisa Winkler 503-0252 L334
Weisenhaus, Doreen Sarah Reis 503-4561 L211B
Wilson, Cynthia Lisa Winkler 503-0252 L334
Wimpfheimer, Barry Tom Gaylord 503-4725 L263
Yuracko, Kimberly Jesse Bowman 503-4356 L212
Zimmerman, Clifford Clare Willis 503-0300 L213